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How Do I Learn Best?????

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Read & Write Learners make good traditional students.
They fit in with the conventional, school-taught study method of reading textbooks and writing notes.
Read & Write Learners are good at taking notes during class.
They study best by reading over these notes or copying them out.

Read & Write learners:
  1. enjoy reading (funnily enough!).
  2. would rather read by themselves or to others than be read to.
  3. often take exhaustive or verbatim notes in class.
  4. use lots of headings, subheadings and lists
  5. use glossaries and dictionaries
  6. enjoy classes where teachers use words well and have lots of information in sentences
  7. work best in quiet areas.
  8. prefer to study by themselves to avoid distraction.taking notes in diff colours.jpg
  9. like articulate teachers who put a lot of information into sentences and notes.

Study Tips for Read & Write Learners

  1. Take notes. Lots of notes.
  2. Rewrite these notes in your own words and own handwriting again and again
  3. Use bullet point lists
  4. Arrange words into hierarchies
  5. Turn diagrams and charts into words
  6. Take practice exams