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How Do I Learn Best?????

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Kinesthetic or Tactile learners learn best when they can use their sense of touch and can move about.

They tend to prefer sports and physical activity or practical lessons.

They enjoy: field trips, exhibits, teachers who provide real life examples, using computers, trial and error opportunities.

They more likely to engage in activities such as science experiments and design and construction in technical and applied sciences.

Kinesthetic/tactile learner strategies:
  • Be physically active while you study. Rather than just sit at your desk, occasionally walk back and forth with your textbook or notes as you read the information out loud.
  • Make extensive use of a computer and the Internet. Actively touching the keyboard will keep your mind active.
  • Take extensive written notes in class. Edit and type them later.word work.jpg
  • Study in short blocks of time with frequent but short breaks.
  • Do something physical as you study such as tapping a pencil or squeezing a stress ball.
  • Use your finger as a guide while reading.
  • Act out things you have to learn whenever possible.
  • Construct models of things you have to learn whenever possible.
  • Make good use of practice exams.