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Natural Hazards Assessment Task
Writing Tips

The purpose of an information report is to provide descriptive information about a situation, phenomena, object, process, thing. person or place.



An information report opens with general statement, brief description, classification or definition.


  • 1peel paragraph.PNGMay have information organised under headings
  • Description of the topic is broken into paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph deals with a different aspect of the topic being described.
  • Each paragraph begins with a sentence which previews the information in the rest of the paragraph. This sentence is often called be called a topic sentence or a point sentence.
  • Remember to use the P.E.E.L. paragraph technique
  • Diagrams, maps, graphs, photographs, tables can be useful to support your information

Conclusion (Optional)

  • Closing statement summarising the information provided
  • may include a comment or evaluation

Language Features
  • Use technical language related to subject, e.g. meteorology, terms such as ‘average rainfall’ or ‘cold front’ would be the technical terms used rather the ‘how much it rains’ or ‘the bit where it gets cold’.
  • Use the present tense, giving the idea of timeless truth, e.g. ‘droughts occur’ rather the ‘there was a drought last year’.
  • Use the passive voice e.g. “are being created”.
  • Use Formal and impersonal language.


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