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Knowing yourself as a learner

Just as there are differences in personality, there are differences in the ways that we learn and use information.

Not only do we have different preferences and styles of learning, we also tend to change and adjust our learning strategies depending on different situations.

By understanding ourselves and becoming more aware of these differences, we become more capable of adjusting to new situations throughout our lifetime as learners.

Discover your learning styles or preferences
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Learning Styles

Improve Your Study Skills with More Effective Learning Methods that Fit Your Personality

What is your learning style?

Do you learn better by seeing, hearing, or by hands-on experience? In other words, are you a mostly visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner?

Actually, everybody learns by combination of the methods below, but one or two methods or types are usually more dominant in each person.

Visual Learner Strategies
science-of-learning.jpgAural Learner Strategies
Read write Learner Strategies
Kinesthetic Learner Strategies
Multimodal Learner

Many studies have suggested that students who identify their learning styles can use the information to improve comprehension and memory.


Task 1: Take the How do I learn best ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE by clicking on the link below

Vark Online Questionnaire

Do you agree with the results of the quiz?

Task 2: Examine the Learner Strategies above and then Blog your thoughts using the DISCUSSION POST at the top of the pagediscussion post.PNG

Blog about:
  1. your quiz results
  2. whether you agree with the quiz results
  3. your learning styles and how you learn best
  4. What study methods you currently use
  5. What new study methods you might like to try

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Using Graphic Organisers as Visual Learning Tools

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