Year 9 World War I Assessment Task

Australia and World War I
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Please note that Ms Costello also has books in the Library for you to use that have Primary and Secondary Sources.
Due Week 8 - Monday 18th March Period 2

Students will complete a RECOUNT outlining the role and involvement of Australian Servicemen during the First World War through an examination of one of the following campaigns or battles:
  • Gallipoli
  • Battle of Beersheba
  • Battle of Bullecourt
  • Battle of Flanders
  • Battle of Fromelles
  • Battle of Hamel
  • Battle of Mont St. Quentin
  • Battle of Passchendaele
  • Battle of Poizieres
  • Battle of The Somme
  • Battle of Villers-Bretonneaux

You must also submit a printed copy of 3 PRIMARY SOURCES (written or pictorial) located in your own research that were useful in writing your recount. Each one must be labelled with the author, date and the location in which you found it [book title/author or specific web address] NOTE: Secondary sources are not an appropriate source for this purpose.

More useful information to help you with this task:

How to write a Recount

How to Determine if your Sources are credible

Writing Tips

Writing a Bibliography

How to write in your own words or paraphrase

How to avoid Plagiarism

Useful Websites

Note: The webpages below provide only a starting point for your research. You will be expected to find other resources and Primary Sources. Remember to submit a printed copy of your primary sources and list all sources, Primary and Secondary. in your Bibliography.

First World War Diaries (Primary Sources)
Note: Often in personal diaries the Australian soldiers referred to Germans as 'The Hun', 'Fritz' or 'Jerry' and Turks as 'Abdul'.

Gallipoli (April - December 1915) (Primary) (Primary) (Primary - arrived in Gallipoli 7th September 1915) (Primary)
First World War Official Histories by Charles Bean (Primary)
Landing at Gaba Tepe Gallipoli - by Official Historian Charles Bean (Primary) (includes some excerpts from Charles Bean Australia's Official war correspondent - Primary)

Battle of Beersheba (31 October 1917)

Battle of Bullecourt (Also known as The Battle of Arras, April - May 1917) (Primary) (Primary)

The Third Battle of Flanders (Also known as Lys Offensive, the Fourth Battle of Ypres and the The Battle of the Lys, April 1918)

Battle of Fromelles (19 and 20 July 1916)

Battle of Hamel (July 1918)

Battle of Mont St. Quentin (August 31 – September 4 1918)

Battle of Passchendaele (or Third Battle of Ypres between June and November 1917) (Primary see 'Ypres')

Battle of Pozières (One of the Battles in the Somme Offensive 22–23 July 1916) (Primary)

Battle of the Somme (1 July and 18 November 1916) (Primary)

Battle of Villers-Bretonneux (March - April 1918)