Significant Individuals
Critical and Creative Thinking Research Task

Research the Contribution and Significance of ONE of the following Australians during the 1930s:

Nancy Bird Walton, Don Bradman, Sir Isaac Isaacs, Margaret Preston.
1. Research
i. Using two or more sources, research and collate information relating to the Contribution and Significance of one of the personalities above.
ii. In OneNote complete a table like the one below and paste information you have researched into the left column your ‘Collating Table'
iii. Now paraphrase that information using your own words in the second column. (300-400 words)

(For tips see How to write in your own words or paraphrase)

Collating Table Example:


Paste relevant information here from your research relating to:

  • Place and date of Birth

  • Life

  • Their Contribution and Significance during 1930s

Now put that information into your own words in this column:

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Critically evaluate your sources and research

View How Reliable Are Your Sources?

In your OneNote document complete a ‘Reliability and Validity’ table like the one below for each of your sources (You should use two or more).

Website URL

How consistent is the information with information from other reputable sources?

What is the extent to which we can rely on the source of the data?

Look for the extension of websites used i.e edu, org
How was information gathered?

Do the findings relate to the task?

Relevance and appropriateness to your research task.

3. Bibliography
In your OneNote document compile a Bibliography referencing the sources used in the format shown below:

(Format: Name of the Webpage, URL, date the information was accessed)
Gallipoli - The Sources, (Accessed January 1, 2013)

4. Presentation
Present your information as a Prezi presentation using images and text.
For more on Prezi see

How to Submit:

Submitting OneNote as a pdf

Email your OneNote page as a pdf attachment together with a link to your Prezi to

To summarise - you will be submitting:
  1. Collating Table
  2. Bibliography
  3. Reliability of Sources Table
  4. Prezi link.