Tips for using OneNote for School

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To Create a Table
You can easily create a table in OneNote simply by pressing the Tab key after a word.
This will place the word just typed into a cell and create another cell in the row.
Each time you press Tab another cell will be added to the row; also known as creating a new column. To create a new row, hit the Enter key at the end of a row.

Some useful table shortcuts are:list1.PNG
  • Alt + Enter (Insert another line of text inside a cell; Useful for last cell in a row)
  • Ctrl + Enter (Insert a row below)
  • Ctrl + Enter + E (Insert a column to the right)
  • Ctrl + Enter + R (Insert a column to the left)

Capturing Screen Clippings


Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Microsoft Office OneNote will automatically start a bulleted list when you type an asterisk (shift+8) and a space. Now you simply type some text and press enter. OneNote then creates your next bullet in the list.

OneNote will also automatically start a numbered list when you type 1. and a space. To create a second line, press ENTER. You can also press the TAB key to indent a line of text, or use the BACKSPACE key to undo the automatic formatting.

Comprehensive Search Feature

(CTRL+F) . OneNote searches text, text within images, ink writing, and audio recordings.
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Print OneNote pages

If you need to print everything out? Press the CTRL key and click the page tabs of the pages that you want to include. On the File menu, click Print.

Submitting your OneNote notebooks for marking

When submitting your work for marking:
Press the CTRL key and click the page tabs of the pages that you want to submit for marking.
Click on File and then Print.
Print your file to Adobe PDF.
Save your file with your Name in the file name.
Send your file as an attachment to

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