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How Do I Learn Best?????

Multimodal Learning Strategies

If you have multiple learning preferences you are in the majority, as approximately 60% of any population fits that category.

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You may have two strong preferences Visual and Aural (VA) or Read/write and Kinaesthetic (RK), or you may have three strong preferences such as VAR or ARK.

Multimodal learners are can take in information by using more than one method. Your challenge is to determine which style will better suit different sources of information.

Having multiple learning preferences gives you the choice of using the different strategies outlined below. Experiment and see which one helps you the best.

For example, during the practical component of Science classes such as experiments, you may find that a more Kinaesthetic approach works better for you, whereas when it comes to the theory side of science classes, you may find a more read/write approach works best.

If you are multimodal examine the various learning styles in the links below and find the strategies that work best for you.

Visual Learner Strategies
Aural Learner Strategies
Read write Learner Strategies
Kinesthetic Learner Strategies