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First go to the page The Conscription Issue Divides Australia and carefully examine all the information.

Next Copy and paste the questions below into OneNote and proceed to type your answers in OneNote.
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1. Why had the number of men volunteering to enlist decreased by late 1916?

2. What did PM Billy Hughes believe to be the solution to this?

3. What is conscription?conscpost.PNG

4. What political party did Hughes lead?

5. What Commonwealth Act prevented conscription overseas?

6. What is the only way the Australian Constitution can be changed?

7. What is a referendum?

8. What was the result of the 28 October 1916 referendum?

9. What happened following the failure of the campaign?

10. When was the second referendum held and what was the result?

11. List the various groups who supported conscription and why.

12. List the various groups who opposed conscription and why.

13. What do you think? Would you have supported or opposed conscription? Why?