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Disclaimer: This page mostly covers only the topics that 9A have studied with Ms Costello in 2013 for this unit of work. It does not cover in depth those topics covered by your previous teacher at the end of 2012. Please refer to the PowerPoints below that will summarise those topics you would have studied last year together with this year's topics from the 'Australia to 1914' unit.

Syllabus - Australia to 1914

This topic provides a foundation for students’ study of Australia in the twentieth century. It offers an overview of the nature of pre-World War I society.
This study will focus on the lives of Australian people, the background to Federation, the political rights of different groups and the impact of the Immigration Restriction Act.

Inquiry questions
  • What was life like in Australia at the turn of the century?
    theatre Sydney.jpg
    Painted photograph - Criterion Theatre, Corner of Pitt and Park Streets in Sydney early 1900s
  • How and why did Federation occur?
  • What were the voting rights of various groups in Australia at Federation?
  • How and why was the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 introduced?

Throughout this topic, students work towards all outcomes, with particular focus on those listed below.

A student:
5.1 explains social, political and cultural developments and events and evaluates their impact on Australian life
5.3 explains the changing rights and freedoms of Aboriginal peoples and other groups in Australia
5.5 identifies, comprehends and evaluates historical sources
5.8 locates, selects and organises relevant historical information from a number of sources, including ICT, to undertake historical inquiry
5.9 uses historical terms and concepts in appropriate contexts.

broadway_sydney 1900.jpg
Broadway, Sydney 1900

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Pedestrians on George Street Sydney. 1900

Topic Overview PowerPoints

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Sydney, early 1900s

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From 'Sheep to Chardonnay' - Early 1900s (first 15 minutes relate to this topic)

Immigration Nation examines the Immigration Restriction Act 1901

Waltzing Matilda and the Sunshine Harvester examines the 1907 Harvester Case and the development of the 'basic wage'