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Syllabus - Australia and World War I

Inquiry questionsAustralia’s involvement in World War I has been regarded by many as a defining event in our history. Students will examine the experiences of soldiers at Gallipoli and develop an understanding of the Anzac tradition through an analysis of the Anzac legend. Students have the opportunity to consider how the tensions of war created social and political divisions within Australia.
  • Why did Australia become involved in World War I?
  • What were the experiences of Australians in the Gallipoli campaign?
  • How and why was the Anzac legend created?
  • What was the impact of World War I on the Australian home front 1914–18?

Throughout this topic, students work towards all outcomes, with particular focus on those listed below.
A student:
5.2 assesses the impact of international events and relationships on Australia’s history
5.4 sequences major historical events to show an understanding of continuity, change and causation
5.5 identifies, comprehends and evaluates historical sources
5.6 uses sources appropriately in an historical inquiry
5.7 explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the past
5.10 selects and uses appropriate oral, written and other forms, including ICT, to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences.

Syllabus Document

WWI Assessment Task

Pre-topic Quiz

Glossary WWI

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Prelude to War

Australia's Enthusiasm for War

Trench Warfare

The Gallipoli Campaign

The Anzac Legend

The Western Front and Other Campaigns

Battle of Beersheba

Experiences of Indigenous Australians

Experiences of People of German Descent

Experiences of Women

The Conscription Issue Divides Australia

Armistice - An End to War

We Will Remember Them

Australia and World War I in a Nutshell

Quiz - World War One Topic Questions

Sample Answer

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What was the role and involvement of Australian servicemen in the Gallipoli Campaign?

Worksheets and Handouts

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