Black Saturday Royal Commission Recommendations

News Report Group Activity

In Groups of FOUR (4) you are to:

1. Research information on the Black Saturday Royal Commission Recommendations
2. Design a News Report on the main Recommendations
3. Nominate Roles:
  • News Reporter in the Newsroom (Hosts the program, throws to other reports and ties all the story together)
  • Reporter 'on the scene' (Eg. Outside Victorian Parliment House Melbourne where the recommendations were handed down)
  • Interviewer (In an additional report interviewing an expert on the topic)
  • 'Expert' being interviewed about the recommendations (Eg. Fire Chief from Country Fire Authority, Lawyer assisting the commission)

4. Design the above as one News broadcast
5. Write and edit your scripts collaboratively
6. Collate as ONE MSWord document - (Click here to see what your document should look)
7. Publish your scripts as ONE MSWord document
8. Save the file with all your names in the file name
9. Upload file to this page following steps below

upload instructions.PNG